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August 23, 2012 in Buy Valium Diazepam 10Mg, Online Meds Valium

On 17.8.2012 Dr.G.Vinod Kumar( President A.M.A.I) ,Dr. V.G Udayakumar(Member C.C.I.M) along with Dr. Raghunathan nair,(G.S, Adhyapaka Sanghatana) met CCIM president and Dr Prasanna Rao ,executive member at Jamnagar, submitted a memorandum of AMAI to them regarding the anomalies in the new regulations. In a detailed discussion on that and the president assured all possible positive steps on our demands.

As per the discussions Dr Vedprakash Tyagi,President, Central council for Indian Medicine has agreed to visit Kerala along with Executive members on 3rd September to have an open discussion on the new guide lines for Ayurvedic institutions with concerned parties. The programme is scheduled on 3/9/12 at Govt.Ayurveda college Tripunithura. UG student representatives,PG Scholars,Govt.College teachers,Aided and Private college teachers, Representatives of approved Ayurvedic organisations who are interested in this matter can participate in this open forum and have discussion. Ayurveda Medical Association of India has open mind in this issue and not trying to gain any mileage by spreading fake news or claims. Like the past, we are trying to settle the issue in favour of general Ayurveda community. Our members in CCIM, Dr V G Udaya Kumar, Dr Ram Mohan  are to move for official resolution in the CCIM meeting scheduled on 7th of September, 2012.

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