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History Ayurveda Medical Association of India was formed in 1978 by uniting two similar organizations, Ayurveda Medical Association (AMA) in the northern Kerala and National Ayurveda Medical Association (NAMA) in the Southern Kerala. Both organizations convened a joint meeting on 14th Feb 1978 at Guruvayoor and decided to join together with a common program and the new organization was named as Ayurveda Medical Association of India. The first combined conference held at Thrissur, Kerala on 13th Aug 1978.


  • Seminar on Integrated Medical Practice at 1985 Ernakulam.
  • APTA publication 1989 Guruvayoor.
  • BAMS Syllabus Workshop 1990 Aluva.
  • Aptha Seminar future for development 1990 Kottakkal.
  • Seminar on National Health Policy and Ayurveda 1994 Kozhikkode.
  • Panchakarma Workshop to promote OP Panchakarma treatment 1994 Aluva.
  • Members directory 2000.
  • Members family benifit scheme ASWAS 2006.
  • Own State committee office building at Angamaly 2007.
  • Seminar on Globalization 2008.
  • National Expo 2010 Thrissur.
  • Bye law amendment 2011.
  • Emergency Medicine Workshop 2011
  • Seminar on  Social Health 2012  -Kozhikkode(Ayurveda for social health)
  • Vision Conclave 2012-Thiruvananthapuaram(Ayurveda for health and development of Kerala)